Council Back Down: Consultation Deadline Pushed to January

The New Bermondsey St: in with the new 12-floor towers?

Councillors Emily Hickson and James McAsh announced at our meeting last night that the consultation would be extended to early January. This announcement followed OBNF accusations that the Council’s barely existent consultation meant any planning permission for the development would be built on sand, and thus, vulnerable to Judicial Review.

Local Ward Councillor Emily Hickson accepted the existing consultation was inadequate and stated new consultation letters would be dispatched. These letters will also correct the erroneous statement that the ‘amended’ scheme ‘reduced [the] height of the buildings’, when in fact Aviva’s 40-44 Bermondsey St is 6m higher than Sellar’s proposal.

This email mistakenly sent by case officer Terence McLellan shows how planners respond internally to objections:

The Planners' View: Sour grapes after being caught fiddling the consultation; those concerned by the development are not free thinking objectors, but caught within OBNF's thrall.

OBNF also obtained assurances we would supplied with details of the Council’s meetings with Aviva and the councillors will push the developer to meet with us. Whether they  persuade Aviva’s Development Manager Neal Pickering to put his head above the parapet remains to be seen. 

OBNF will now continue its exhibition while the consultation continues. It will be open 2 to 6pm – dependent on manpower – at Globe House: corner of Bermondsey St and Crucifix Lane.

To join our campaign against the assault on local heritage, please email info@obnf.net

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