Southwark Council Consultation on Draft Local List

It has long been a policy of OBNF’s Neighbourhood Plan that the Council should adopt a ‘local list’ of buildings of heritage value worthy of special protection in the planning process.  After initial resistance Southwark has now come around to proposing a local list, itself. This is now in ‘consultation’. More information can be found here.

As with Conservation Areas and the National Heritage List, locally listed buildings or structures gain some protection from insensitive development. But there is no universal standard dictating the level of protection a local listing confers as it lies in the discretion of the individual local authorities.  The extent to which this will assist in protecting the heritage of the locality therefore remains to be seen. To provide more information on the local list and clarify how it will affect owners of locally listed buildings, Southwark Council’s Design and Conservation Group Manager Michael Tsoukaris will be in attendance at the meeting on the 9th of November to give a presentation and answer your questions.

Early 20th century cast iron junction box on the NE corner of Bermondsey St and Crucifix Lane', on the draft local list.

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