Our Vision

The area designated to the Neighbourhood Forum is bounded by the London Bridge Railway Viaduct along St Thomas St and Crucifx Lane, Tower Bridge Rd, Borough High St and Gt Dover St.  This area has been adopted as ‘Old Bermondsey (Village)’ by the local Neighbourhood Forum, OBNF.

This large area does not lend itself to a single vision as it has distinct identities in different parts.  Rather, it can be broken into two themes: 

(a) The Bermondsey St Conservation area and its immediate surroundings – predominantly commercial, but with a significant number of residential buildings intertwined;

(b) The complex of residential Estates mainly built between 1900 and 1950.

Both areas have strong identities worthy of preservation and cultivation.  The Neighbourhood Forum aims to generate planning policies with the involvement of local people that build on their existing identities, ensuring that new developments do not turn their backs on the areas’ history, architectural wealth or previous generations of residents.